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The Guiding Spirit Knowledge Hub

The Guiding Spirit Knowledge Hub

The Guiding Spirit Knowledge Hub is where we get to share snippets of easy to digest training & information in a variety of formats - written, audio, video, infographs ...

Whether you're just starting out on your journey to better mental health, or a seasoned traveller on this path, it's good to (re) learn and (re) visit. Right now, you'll find:

  • TIPS sheets
    • 9 Things Mentally Strong People Do
    • Change When Change is Hard
    • Being More Organised
    • Kick Start a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Get Comfortable Asking for Help
  • E-Book
    • Dealing with Common Losses & Grief During a Pandemic
  • Video
    • The Importance of Mindset

4 Modules

The Importance of Mindset

If you check out nothing else, WATCH THIS!!! 

The Importance of Mindset to Create the Best You & Your Best Life

  • What is Mindset?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can you change your mindset?

This short video explains all this, & more!

Correct link to get in touch is:

Apologies for any confusion!

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